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Chantelle LightingKeilli Keenan
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Dominic Harrington helped us every step of the way. From researching different types of systems to find out which one was best suited to our business right through to implementation. He listed to our business needs and made sure our new system could cater to all of them. He provided in depth interactive trainings sessions and all staff were familiar with the system before it went live.
Cornerstone ConsultancyJohn Sheath
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David Butterworth is a dynamic leader with a sound understanding of business and commerciality in the international arena. He has a detailed and widely thought through grasp of business drivers enabling him to provide a first class service to his customers. He is honest and a highly skilled expert in his field.
RBS InternationalJasneet Singh
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Nigel Jones is an extremely capable leader and a very efficient manager. Working with him provided real insights and inspiration on how to best manage your resources. Nigel not only possesses in-depth subject matter expertise, but also exceptional soft skills. He acted as a mentor for the team and provided direction when it was most needed. Highly recommended to organizations looking for a top quality manager or consultant.

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